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Words can not describe how truly evil this bear is, his very existence absolute proof that evil stalks the land, all who lay eyes upon him know of the evil within him, pure evil flows though his veins. The Evil One makes his home in the wild lands (also called the evil lands) near a river called the waters of evil, just outside the village of Evilville. A fitting home for the most evil of all evil creatures, basically he is just really, really evil.

This bear is roughly 14 inches (35 cms) tall in his sitting position. All Voodoo Delicious bears are hand made and painted by the artist so you will never get two that are identical. Since these bears are not mass produced they are sold on an individual basis so the bear in the photos is the exact bear you will receive. All Voodoo Delicious bears are extremely strong and the sculpted parts will not break in the mail.