Well known as the most cantankerous and well grumpy bear in the entire forest. Grumpy Angus spends his days yelling at cubs to stay off his lawn and refusing to return any balls and other toys that are unlucky enough to fall near him - Angus is easily recognisable by the sour, annoyed expression permanently plastered on his face which is a true measure of his disposition. It is widely rumoured that Angus travelled from the lowlands of Scotland as a cub, stowing away in a crate of particularly sour lemons, the idea being that eating these lemons over the length of the voyage is the cause of Angus's bad attitude. It is unknown if this is the case or if Angus is just generally unpleasant.
This bear is roughly 14 inches (35 cms) tall in his sitting position. All Voodoo Delicious bears are hand made and painted by the artist so you will never get two that are identical. Since these bears are not mass produced they are sold on an individual basis so the bear in the photos is the exact bear you will receive. All Voodoo Delicious bears are extremely strong and the sculpted parts will not break in the mail

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