Probably the origin of the gremlin myth, Errol has a love of creating his special brand of mischief with machinery. Taking great care to remain unseen, Errol will wreak havoc with all manner of machines from the simplest to the most complex, taking great care to ensure that they never work properly again. It is very easy to annoy Errol, you simply repair whatever damage he has caused, of course this will ensure that he will be back and will create even more damage. The only sure way to guarantee that Errol will avoid a certain machine is to place a small jar of pickled herrings on all four sides of the machine in question, this will apparently ward off Errol. (Errol remedy provided by Mr Pickle of “Mr Pickle’s pickled herrings”)

This bear is roughly 11 inches (28 cms) tall in his sitting position. All Voodoo Delicious bears are hand made and painted by the artist so you will never get two that are identical. Since these bears are not mass produced they are sold on an individual basis so the bear in the photos is the exact bear you will receive. All Voodoo Delicious bears are extremely strong and the sculpted parts will not break in the mail.

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