the most depressed bear in the entire forest, truly the depths of his misery know no bounds. Many inhabitants of the Forest have tried in vain to uncover the cause of Perry’s sadness, but so far none have succeeded. On the rare occasion Perry sets out from his cave it is usually to join other depressed individuals, upon finding said individual Perry will simply sit beside them saying nothing. It is important to note that within just a few moments of Perry’s company the depressed individual will “perk up” leaving all traces of their depression behind, at which point Perry quietly leaves. It is unknown if Perry can somehow take the sadness from others or whether it is simply that when comparing your problems to his, suddenly yours don’t seem so bad.

This bear is roughly 15 inches (38 cms) tall in his sitting position. All Voodoo Delicious bears are hand made and painted by the artist so you will never get two that are identical. Since these bears are not mass produced they are sold on an individual basis so the bear in the photos is the exact bear you will receive. All Voodoo Delicious bears are extremely strong and the sculpted parts will not break in the mail.

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