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Thumper is easily recognisable due to the fact that he is a huge bruiser of a bunny. Often seen beating up stray wolves for fun, this is one rabbit you don't want to cross. It is unknown if thumper uses his fangs to drain the juices from the vegetables he eats or if they are just used for intimidation, either way it is probably best to avoid hand feeding. Thumper can be observed (from a distance) sitting half in and half out of his rabbit hole with a slightly manic and disturbing look in his eye. Whiling away the hours he seems content to quietly wait until the "juice lust" takes him over and he begins to stalk his prey. Granted the "stalking of prey" usually involves a leisurely hop to the nearest vegetable patch, but the sight of Thumper in the grip of a "carrot frenzy" will haunt your nightmares forever.

This bunny is roughly 14 inches (35 cms) tall in his sitting position. All Voodoo Delicious bears are hand made and painted by the artist so you will never get two that are identical. Since these bears are not mass produced they are sold on an individual basis so the bear in the photos is the exact bear you will receive. All Voodoo Delicious bears are extremely strong and the sculpted parts will not break in the mail.