unique faerie faces, each one posessing a definate character to create a funky and quirky piece of wearable art that is sure to get noticed. each face is about two inches wide and has a brooch clip on the reverse.
Please scroll down to meet all of the different characters.

This character is Bill, truly one of, if not the, most absurdly grumpy creatures in all creation. Has never been impressed by anything...ever. Doesnt even have a "right side" of the bed. His one redeeming feature is that he is a hermit...so the rest of us dont have to deal with his crap

This character is Leopold, a generally uninterested little sprite, not above complaining at length for days on end,has a bit of an attitude problem...but don't we all :)

This character is Bruno a charmingly unpleasant goblin, often times seen hurling abuse at strangers (and rocks) claims to be composing an epic symphony created entirely from his own flatulence...one hopes this is a falsehood.

This character is Gerald a teensy little imp and a massive sook. Takes complaining to a whole new place, constantly pouting and slightly annoyed that everyone else is not as perturbed as he

This character is Bill. Bill has had a rough night. Bill has had a very very rough night. Iam uncertain if Bill is very old or simply very hungover. Now be honest we have all felt like this at one time or another.

This character is Larry, a troublemaker from start to finish, constantly annoying those around him with immature ridiculous pranks that are NOT that funny anyway, the very definition of mischevious so long as you define mischevious as a massive paine in the A..hem, well never mind.